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FilterShop - Analog & Digital Filter Design Software
What is FilterShop?

FilterShop begins where SPICE leaves off.  Whereas SPICE is an analysis tool on a micro level, FilterShop is a true design tool on a system macro level.  FilterShop was created from the ground up to handle the unique requirements of filter design, and provides a wealth of features not found in any other program. 

Featuring a proprietary circuit simulation engine, advanced components for mixed analog/digital design, and a massive target generation system - FilterShop represents a new level of power and sophistication for the design and analysis of analog / digital filters.  Here's a few highlights:

Proprietary AC Circuit Simulator with full graphical schematic entry/editing
Three powerful Target/Circuit optimization engines
Optimization with weighting and curve or max/min constraints
True circuit Synthesis with over 500 predefined circuits with built in design equations
Elegant AC circuit design and modeling without the clutter of DC biasing circuitry
Efficient Opamp model for fast analysis & accurate noise with over 1,200 models
Specialized mixed signal components including FDNRs, FIR/IIR filters, Z-Imp, Pots
Target generation system for complex ideal mixed analog/digital transfer functions
Extensive analog filter wizards for any Allpole/Elliptic filters up to 32 poles/zeros
Three dozen FIR/IIR digital filter wizards and methods for linear/min/max phase
Extensive Processing features MonteCarlo, Thermal, Noise, Potentiometer analysis
Powerful Utilities for data Import/Export, Graphics, Curve Capture, Curve Edit/Entry
Three volume manual set comprising 1,200 pages of documentation
Both novice and advanced users alike will appreciate and benefit from the rich graphical user interface.  Save time and money, and design complex filters with more ease and greater precision than ever before!
What to see it in Action?
Application Notes are provided for download which are taken directly from the Application Manual. Due to the large size of the program a small demo program is not possible and would not be informative. The app notes more effectively demonstrate the features and design capabilities.
FilterShop User Quotes

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