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All microphones are individually swept and fully tested in an anechoic chamber for maximum accuracy.  The chamber is located on-site using a dedicated room specifically constructed for this purpose.  The chamber has a free-field to constant pressure transition frequency of 26Hz.  Correction at low frequencies for the constant pressure response is also utilized.
images/jpg/ChamberView.jpg (22259 bytes)
All of the internal six walls of the chamber are covered by acoustically absorbent modules.  Each cubic module, measuring 2 Ft per side, is comprised of staggered layers of 3 In 703 fiberglass.  A rectangular wedge design was chosen for ease of construction and yields virtually 100% material utilization.  The modules were then covered with fireproof stage lining material in addition to the sprinkled room.  Over 1,000 lbs of fiberglass cover the walls, ceiling, and floor of the chamber.

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