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The pcRTA is a precision Type-1 true RMS 1/3 octave real time analyzer for PC computers, and provides a new level of powerful capabilities never before possible with conventional bench top analyzers.

The complete system consists of an ISA full length PC slot card, a connector interface box, the Windows based operating software, and can utilize up to four calibrated M51, M52 or M53 microphones. Other 3rd party microphones can also be used.

The system features a 4 microphone multiplexer which enables true spatial averaged measurements to be performed directly by the analyzer - a growing requirement in today’s complex audio fields.

Audio professionals in many different fields will find the pcRTA
readily meets or exceeds their requirements for acoustic measurements. No other system provides the cost/performance combination of this extremely versatile test instrument.


Acoustical Engineering Noise Measurement and Analysis
In today's increasingly polluted acoustic environment, noise measurement and analysis has become more of a necessity than ever before. The pcRTA Noise Analysis mode provides an easy interface for these measurements, records and/or averages signals and noise over a finite period of time, from seconds to hours, and then generates extensive statistical analysis. Environmental noise consultants will find the capabilities of this analyzer are on par with instruments costing many times more.

Professional Surround Sound Cinema Alignment
The most sophisticated multi-channel sound reproduction equipment has always been developed for the cinema before it reaches the much broader consumer markets. Now, there is a measurement system that lives up to that legacy, providing the complex analysis needed to refine and tune these Dolby®, THX® Sony® SDDS®, and DTS® systems. Professional cinema alignment using four multiplexed microphones has become the standard.

Professional Home Theater Equalization
The multiplexed microphone capability of the pcRTA is ideal for alignment of home theater surround sound systems. Spatial averaging of four microphones is required by Dolby® and THX® for proper home theater equalization.

Professional Car Audio Competitions
The pcRTA is very well suited to precision car audio system measurement, and also provides built in scoring routines for competition systems. The multi channel capability allows for 2 or even up to 4 vehicles to be measured simultaneously. Thus making it ideal for dB drag race event.

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