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LX711 - Panel Features

There are four possible connections to the LX711: Ground (GND), Common (COM), Positive (POS), Negative (NEG). External devices can be connected to these four nodes via the color coded Banana Jacks. Various subsets of these nodes are also made available on the XLR-M and BNC connectors.

The GND node is the Chassis/Frame/Earth ground. The COM node is the floating/isolated common of the LX711 output circuitry. The POS and NEG nodes are the signal output pair, with one-half the signal amplitude appearing on each node relative to the common, and with opposite polarity.

The XLR-M connector provides connection to three nodes: GND(1), POS(2), and NEG(3). The BNC connector provides connection to the two signal nodes: POS(TIP) and NEG(SHD).

Two groups of 4-LED indicators provide status of the Output Mode and Output Impedance.

The four Output Modes are: Balanced, Unbalanced, Common Mode Input, and Common Mode Output. The Unbalanced mode connects the NEG node to GND.

The later two modes configure the output nodes in a special way to test the common mode performance of other balanced input and output devices. Common mode output tests are performed with a simple Y cable between the LX711, LX721, and other device.

The four Output Impedance selections are: 40 , 150, 600, or INF Ohms. The Infinite impedance selection leaves the POS and NEG signal outputs unconnected for open circuit testing without loading of other external devices.



Waveform Sine, IM, Multi, Chirp-Lin/Log, MLS-WHT/PNK, LCM, Any
DAC Resolution 32 Bit
Maximum Sample Length 4M (4,194,304)
Selectable Sample Rates 432kHz, 216kHz, 108kHz, 54kHz
Maximum Frequency Bandwidth 200kHz, 100kHz, 50kHz, 25kHz
Maximum Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz
Maximum Frame Cycle Time 77 Seconds
Maximum Output Voltage 27.5dBm, 18.4VRMS
Maximum Output Current 100mARMS
Output Impedance 40, 150, 600, INF Ohms
Output Modes BAL, UNBAL, CMI, CMO
Output Common Mode Rejection 100dB
Dynamic Range 135dB & 45dB Ranging
Distortion Minimum 0.0003% (-110dB)
Basic Amplitude Accuracy 0.01dB Typical
Stopband Attenuation 140dB
Output Connectors 4-Banana Jacks, XLR-3M, BNC
Output Offset Voltage ±1mVDC
Generator Common Isolated/Floating
DC/DC Converter Frequency 300kHz
Protection Circuitry Floating Current Sense with Timer
Module Bus Interface LXBUS, 50 pin Card Edge Connector
Module Face Plate 0.125 Black Anodized Aluminum
Module Height 3.50 Inches
Module Width 1.75 Inches
Module Length 9.50 Inches
Module Weight 0.5 lbs (0.22kg)

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